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12 jul 11

Melon and watermelon - make the most of what they have to offer

I always recommend you seasonal produce because they are at their best. In this mail I want to talk to you about two that have just arrived which we will have available during the summer. That is, melon and watermelon.

Nutritionally they are quite similar. Both watermelon and melon contain little sugar. Therefore, they are suitable for all kinds of people, including those who want to watch their weight during the holidays. They are also known for being fruit high in magnesium, a mineral related to the correct functioning of the muscles.

Watermelon, in particular, is one of the fruits containing the most water. Up to 90% of its composition is water. Its reddish colour also indicates greater carotene content, strong antioxidants which are especially recommended in periods of high exposure to the sun.

Melon is known as the fruit with the least calories. This is due to its insignificant fat content and its low carbohydrate content. Likewise, it contains a lot of potassium, a mineral which increases your diuretic action, helping you eliminate liquid retentions and toxins created in the actual organism.

Both fruits are very refreshing if they are kept in the fridge until they are consumed. They can also be prepared in different ways. Have you tried watermelon on the grill with fresh cheese or cold melon soup with bits of ham? These are some examples I suggest to you which show the versatility of these products.

My advice: Make the most of it! The summer doesn’t last long.