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02 Mar 12

Home baking, the best choice

When it comes to sweets, there’s nothing as a homemade one.  However, you will have to choose the most convenient ingredients.  For this reason, in this post we would like to give you some ideas for cake and muffin recipes which you and your family can include now and then in your diet, is it for breakfast, as a dessert, or as a snack.   

First of all, I recommend cakes which are easy to make.  For example, the traditional cake made with flour, eggs, yogurt, sugar, olive oil and baking powders, which make this recipe highly nutritious.   In this case, pine nuts are also added, which give the recipe extra energy and minerals. This cake is ideal as a mid-afternoon snack, with a natural fruit juice or liquid yogurt.  

Adding fruits or vegetables to the cake are other interesting options from the nutritional point of view.  Have you tried pumpkin cake? It’s a sweet, delicious way to eat your greens.  If you bake it in the 3D pumpkin mould the children will love it. And if they can help you to bake it, it will be even more successful.  

Classic madeleines  are another option for weekend breakfasts. For a balanced breakfast, serve them with a glass of milk and a piece of fruit.  Other options are fresh fruit muffins and brioche. You can serve brioche on its own, with cold meats (ham, prosciutto…) or with a little chocolate or jam.  Your choice: sweet or savoury!

Finally, recipes which include a lot of cream or chocolate are highly caloric, and thus must be regarded as very special treats.  However, in special occasions it’s healthier to eat homemade cake than industrially-made cake. We recommend fruit mousses. The red berry mousse is delicious!