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2 jun 11

An afternoon picnic

Now that the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to enjoy eating outdoors, taking a stroll along the beach and taking your kids to the best parks, why not enjoy a family picnic?

Lékué proposes a fun and original plan for a classic picnic in the park. First, prepare the linen table you’ll be using for the occasion, like cloths in bright, solid colours that will cover the entire area you’re going to use, making sure they don’t blend in with the foods. Choose versatile cutlery to be able to enjoy the best of Oriental cuisine and your favourite traditional dishes. What food should you take?

Unique recipes for everyone. And what about a refreshing beverage? Lékué has a few ideas that are sure to surprise you: perfectly square and flavoured ice cubes with Ice Cube, to give your drinks a touch of strawberry, orange or lemon. And for the kids, you can make homemade ice cream with Lékué’s silicone moulds. They come with a cover so you don’t have to worry about stains! And they're more nutritious!

Is your picnic basket ready? Go ahead and choose a day on your calendar. But don’t forget to check the weather!