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The space for the most creative ideas, new proposals and the best solutions.

Do you know what seasonal foods are? Do you know the best way to freeze foods?
Get up to date information on healthy foods, nutrition, and tips. Every week we provide new ideas, new proposals and great solutions for your daily kitchen and cooking needs.

This week, We Recommend...

11 Des 12

Light desserts for Christmas Holidays

The Festive Season is celebrated from one dinner table to another, all lavishly prepared and flavoursome. Table talk is surrounded by an abundance of seasonal desserts: nougat, marzipan, round bun cake, butter cakes, alfajores (traditional shortbread biscuits with a dulce de leche filling) and pastries that in addition to leaving us feeling cloyed are just as succulent as they are energetic! [...] Read more

08 Oct 12

Vitamin C and citrus fruits

The start of the autumn also sees the arrival of citrus fruits: tangerines, oranges, lemons, grapefruits… this is their best season, they are tastier and cheaper.[...] Read more


12 Sep 12

How to organise your kitchen cupboard when you return from your holidays, a sample menu

After those days of rest during which we have forgotten about schedules, September is here and with it the return to school, to work, to children's activities[...] Read more

16 Jun 12

Summer activities for children: what they should eat and drink

Now that spring has come many people have the same resolutions - exercising and losing weight! They want to get back in shape after hiding their figure under a coat throughout the winter [...] Read more

14 May 12

Physical activity and nutrition for improved performance

An adequate diet is crucial for maximum performance in physical exercise. But which is the best diet? What should we eat before, during, and after exercising? [...] Read more

20 Apr 12

The Best Lékué Recipes

Did you know that you can cook a Spanish omelette using the steam case? Or that you can enjoy a courgette cream ready to take away thanks to your Cooking Bag? [...] Read more

03 Apr 12

Weight Loss Diets: Which is the Best One?

Now that spring has come many people have the same resolutions - exercising and losing weight! They want to get back in shape after hiding their figure under a coat throughout the winter. [...] Read more

02 Mar 12

Home baking, the best choice

When it comes to sweets, there’s nothing as a homemade one. However, you will have to choose the most convenient ingredients. For this reason, in this post we would like to give you some ideas for cake and muffin recipes [...] Read more

07 Feb 12

The star of the meal: the egg

Eggs are a significant source of nutrients for people of all ages, as, in addition to proteins, they contain vitamins and minerals. You should know that egg protein is the most complete, and for this reason it is taken as the protein of reference [...] Read more


27 Dec 11

New ideas to welcome 2012 with Lékué

Christmas holidays are the time of the year when we get together with family and friends to celebrate these much awaited and traditional days. Even though there are traditions that never change, like for example the dinner and the chimes of New Year´s Eve, do you know how to make this year different? [...] Read more

15 Dec 11

The benefits of eating fish

In addition to being appreciated for its culinary qualities, fish is food with very interesting nutritional properties. There are many varieties which can be enjoyed, each with their particular tastes, textures [...] Read more

12 Dec 11

Organize your fridge to conserve food better

Organizing the fridge properly is essential in order to conserve food better, both from a hygienic and a nutritional point of view. Next we look at some considerations to be taken into account [...] Read more

25 Nov 11

First, second and third course: ready in 30 minutes!

If you have little time and you need to prepare a complete menu, Lékué can make it easy for you. You can now enjoy original, surprising and innovative recipes in just a few minutes [...] Read more

11 nov 11

Put a stop to child obesity

Obesity figures are increasing every year, especially when it comes to child obesity. More and more children start to be overweight at a very young age. One of the main causes is the balance between the big amounts of food ingested and the little physical activity [...] Read more

28 oct 11

Simple recipes to take to work

Each and every day more and more people have to eat at work. In most places the workers are provided with the necessary facilities, such as fridges and microwaves, to make the food more pleasant. [...] Read more

1 aug 11

Home-made ice cream, a great option

Ice cream is very typical and popular during the hot months. It helps us beat the high temperatures and it’s delicious, although it has high calorie ingredients like chocolate, cream, nuts, sugar, etc. That's why we suggest several home-made ice cream recipes that are healthy and light as well as being very delicious! [...] Read more

20 jul 11

Plan your shopping and eat well!

During the summer, the watch disappears and we eat at the wrong times. Either due to vacations, wanting to take advantage of the last rays of sun or forgetting the term "wake up early" at least for a few weeks. Our bodies relax but suffer alterations due to untimely meals. Many people, during this time, forsake recommended healthy eating habits [...] Read more

12 jul 11

Melon and watermelon - make the most of what they have to offer

I always recommend you seasonal produce because they are at their best. In this mail I want to talk to you about two that have just arrived which we will have available during the summer. That is, melon and watermelon.

Nutritionally they are quite similar. Both watermelon and melon contain little sugar. Therefore, they are suitable [...] Read more

7 jun 11

Light dishes to stand the heat

With the high temperatures of the summer, the best thing is to prepare light, simple and refreshing meals. Therefore, in this mail I want to give you a few ideas about balanced meals. You will only have to choose a first course, second course and dessert to get your complete menu. [...] Read more

23 jun 11

Summer menu ideas

When the weather gets warmer, we look forward to changing our menus and cooking methods. Often, we categorise food according to season, if they’re “for winter” or “for summer”. It’s true that we crave certain dishes when it's cold, like soups or stews, and when it's hot, like salads and ice creams.

In this post, I’d like to give you some summer menu ideas [...] Read more

22 jun 11

One-dish wonders: balanced and healthy

One-dish meals are very practical to take to the office, the pool or even the beach. The possibilities are endless. You only need to make sure they are varied and contain different food groups. Here are some ideas that are healthy, delicious and easy to prepare. [...] Read more

7 jun 11

Time for summer terraces and sophisticated cocktails

If you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday and the sun is shining on this beautiful Summer day, you are probably craving something refreshing and delicious. Take note: pick up the phone, invite your special friend over and prepare something truly “chic”. Because it’s time for summer terraces and strolls under the sun. You can make your [...] Read more

2 jun 11

An afternoon picnic

Now that the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to enjoy eating outdoors, taking a stroll along the beach and taking your kids to the best parks, why not enjoy a family picnic?

Lékué proposes a fun and original plan for a classic picnic in the park. First, [...] Read More

24 may 11

How to snack and not show it!

Snacks are usually eaten between meals. Sometimes they’re quite tempting... You should know how to choose snacks that don’t affect your figure. Here are some useful ideas.

To start, a basic yoghurt or piece of fruit. Portable and easy to eat. Also, they're very nutritious [...] Read More

17 may 11

Calcium-rich foods

When you think of foods that are rich in calcium, the first thing that probably comes to mind is milk. Although many other foods are rich in this mineral, the dairy group is indeed the food group highest in calcium content.

What does this mean? When we evaluate the calcium a food contains [...] Read More