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General Contractual Conditions

The on-line shop at LEKUE is operated by KONOMIX, S.L., pursuant to an agreement with LÉKUÉ, S.L. (herein, LEKUE).


The following conditions govern sales of products presented on this website by the company KONOMIX, S.L., with registered address in C/ Villarroel, 19, 08011 Barcelona (Spain), registered in the Companies Registry of Barcelona in Volume 33,797, Folio 9, page B-237,812 and holder of Spanish Tax Code B-62.620.505 (KONOMIX), to the client and user (the Client or USER) and their use. When you browse this online shop and acquire any of the products offered herein, you accept, without any reservations of any kind, all the general contractual conditions and conditions of use. Notwithstanding, if you have any questions about these, please contact our Customer Services department.


KONOMIX reserves the right to make changes to these general contractual conditions and conditions of use as well as any specific conditions at any time without notice by publishing and dating these modifications on the shop to notify users in accordance with the laws and regulations in force at all times. The products offered on this website, and more specifically the prices, specifications, promotions and any other type of information, are subject to change without notice.



1. Ownership of the content of the website.


All the content published in the store, and specifically the designs, illustrations, texts, graphics, photographs, logos, icons, buttons and software, trade names, brands or industrial drawings and any signs suitable for industrial or commercial use are subject to LEKUE's industrial and property rights and are owned exclusively by LEKUE. Under no circumstances shall a licence be deemed to have been granted or any waiver, transmission, total or partial transfer of such rights to have been made, nor will any rights or expectations of rights be conferred, particularly with regard to the alternation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of such contents without LEKUE's prior written consent.


KONOMIX shall under no circumstances and accept liability for infringement of rights committed by the USER.



2. Customer Services.


You are invited to send your questions, enquiries and suggestions to us by e-mail, by post or to telephone us:


Customer Services Department
C/ Villarroel, 19,
08011 Barcelona (Spain)


You can also contact us by calling the following telephone numbers:


Spain: 931640405
From outside Spain 0034931640405


Customer services are available in Spanish, French and English.
Timetable (working days): [from Monday to Thursday from 09.30 to 18:30 and Fridays from 09.30 to 14.00.(Local Spanish time).


In any case, if you have any questions about how to order or the characteristics of LEKUE products, you can also look for the answers to your questions in our FAQ, which may answer your questions easily.


If you are unable to find the answer to your question, send us an email at info.lekue@konomix.com, or call us on 0034931640405. If you are calling from outside Spain, please call 0034931640405.


If you are unable to find the answer to your question, send us an email at info@lekue.es or call us on 902 222 114. If you are calling from outside Spain, call 00 34 93 574 0013.


Approximate cost of phone call to 902: euro 0.072 per minute during the day, euro 0.042 per minute in the evening. Connection charge euro 0.09. For calls made outside Spain, the cost will depend on the pricing of your phone provider for international communications



3. Scope of service.


The products on sale are distributed in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Canada, South America, and Central America.


4. Guarantees.


The articles offered on this web page are products from the LEKUE collection and comply with the same quality and guarantee requirements as the products on sale in commercial establishments.


Each product is labelled with the following data:



* KONOMIX has made every effort to ensure the product colours displayed are as close as possible to their real colours. However, the colour of the products appearing on the screen may vary depending on the quality of your computer monitor. KONOMIX can therefore not guarantee that the colours appearing on your screen will be 100% accurate.


Special offers, promotions and discounts will be valid until the date indicated or until stocks run out.



5. On-line shopping.


You can place your order as a registered user or, if you prefer, as a guest user, by filling in the on-line form in the one-line shop and following the instructions. After registering, add the products you wish to purchase to your basket, following the instructions on the screen, filling in the form and confirming your order. By confirming your order you are acknowledging that you know and accept these general contractual conditions as part of the contract you are entering into.



5.1 Order


Click on the items you wish to buy to add them to your shopping basket. The shopping basket will contain the reference of the item selected, its name and the price in euros (with the approximate amount in your currency, for guidance purposes only). Tax payable and delivery costs are displayed separately, according to the destination country.


Where we do not have stock of an item we will notify you promptly about it, when you add the item to the shopping cart. You will then have to decide whether you want to wait up to 15 days for delivery, or you prefer not to add the article to the shopping cart. In case you include the item into the shopping cart, Konomix will not prepare the entire order until this item becomes available, as we do not load partial orders.


The personal data in the form will be added to our database to allow KONOMIX to process your order and allow you to make further purchases at LEKUE. You will also be able to access your personal data and track all your orders. Remember that your personal details must be accurate to avoid misunderstandings and incidents when delivering the article(s) acquired. If you agree, you will receive information and publications about LEKUE via email or post.


Once you have filled in the order form and before submitting the order you will see a summary identifying the item purchased, its total price (including postage and tax) and the delivery information. Confirm your order by clicking on the "Confirm Order" button.



5.2 Prices and Currency


All the prices published by KONOMIX in on-line shop include indirect taxes (Value Added Tax) when your initial settings state give a delivery address in the European Union. In other countries, prices are shown without tax.


With regard to Value Added Tax, as a general rule the current tax rate in Spain is applied for the European Union Territory, where this tax is applicable. Companies that are exempt from paying this tax in European Union countries are VAT exempt, with the exception of Spain.


VAT is not applied to sales in other countries in the world, however, the customs systems in each country will apply the corresponding taxes.


Purchases made by residents of countries outside the European Union are not subject to VAT (customs charges, import taxes and delivery charges are not included in the price of the article, and must be paid on delivery by the party receiving the goods). Because of their special tax status, the Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla are deemed territories outside the European Community.


KONOMIX, S.L. displays and sells the products in EUROS. However, USERS may view the approximate prices in their local currency, for information purposes only.


5.3 Method of payment


Orders shall be paid for using secure credit or debit card payment (VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB), by PayPal, cash on delivery (in Spain only), or by bank transfer. No other methods of payment are accepted.


Credit or debit card payments are charged online, in other words, in real time, though the financial entity's payment gateway, once the data provided has been confirmed. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will be notified of the order number by the webpage. From now on you can follow up the order from your own computer. You will also receive an email message with a description of the order and the personal details you have provided to us. If you do not receive this message, this could indicate that there is a temporary communications problem on the network or you have made a mistake with the email address you have given us. In either case, contact our Customer Services Department


KONOMIX offers you the following methods of payment:


a) VISA/Mastercard, JCB credit cards.


We guarantee that all transactions carried out with KONOMIX are 100% secure. All transactions involving transfer of personal or bank details take place in a secure environment.
KONOMIX users a server based on standard SSL (Secure Socked Layer) technology. All the information is encrypted and transmitted to us over the network, and credit card data is not recorded on our data base but goes directly to the Bank Point of Sale Terminal.


You are also hereby informed that to give credit card owners greater security with have incorporated the so-called SET (Safe Electronic Transaction) payment system to our payment gateway.


What is SET (Secure Electronic Transaction)?: SET is a system for guaranteeing security of credit card transactions on the Internet. SET has been endorsed by Visa International, Mastercard, Microsoft and Netscape, among others. The main aim is increase security for both Internet users and businesses selling online to authenticate the buyer as the legitimate owner of the credit card being used.


If you have still not received an exclusive, personal code for making on-line purchases, we advise you to request one from your financial entity and that you activate your card for the Secure Electronic Transaction service.


You will always be asked for the following data about your VISA, MASTERCARD OR JCB: Your card number (PAN), expiry date and validation code (CVV) consisting of the last three figures of the number printed in italics on the back of your card, which gives more safety to the transaction.


Once you have entered your data, the operation will be sent to the entity issuing the card, which validates the authenticity of the transaction. The bank issuing the card is therefore responsible for checking the authenticity of the card.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have a secure credit card you can use your card to pay in PayPal, which has a credit card payment option. The process is very quick and easy.


b) PayPal:


PayPal allows consumers to make on-line payments in a secure, convenient, cost-effective manner. A PayPal account can be funded with an electronic debit from a bank account or by a credit card. PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments to be made through the Internet.


For more information about the PayPal go to www.paypal.com


PayPal payments have a handling fee of 1 euro. The fee is per order (transaction), and not per item bought.


To avoid paying this fee, we recommend you pay with a secure card, which is immediate, does not involve additional costs and is fully automated.


c) Cash on delivery:


This method of payment is available only for orders worth less than 150 euros made in Spain. This method is subject to a surcharge of 4 euros (not including VAT), for cash on delivery charges. Payment is made in cash on delivery through the transport company, in euros. Only cash is accepted.


d) Transfer:


You can make a bank transfer into the following account:

Banc Sabadell Account number: 00810126010001406447
Beneficiary: KONOMIX, S.L.


To speed up and guarantee transfers received from abroad, you should provide the issuer with the BIC and IBAN codes:


IBAN: ES46 00810126010001406447



It is very important that you fill in the following details in the SENDER or PAYER field:


Order number - Your name and surnames


You have three working days during which to make the transfer after making your order. The order is not considered binding until we confirm we have received the payment and delivery deadlines will therefore commence from that date on.


Please note that we only accept transfers made in EUROS.



5.4 Order delivery. Delivery costs.


Items bought using LEKUE are delivered through a courier service by the deadlines set out below according to the destination of the goods.


To ensure correct delivery (wrong addresses, inability to find the address, etc), you must ensure that you fill in the form correctly. You must also provide a contact telephone number.




The prices and methods of transport are as follows:



Important Notes:

1. Prices do not include VAT. VAT does not apply outside European Union.

2. Deliveries to Balearic Islands, Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla are organised through Correos Spain, and must be collected by the buyer in the post office.

3. Deliveries to collection points Mondial Relay (Point Pack) shall be governed by the following process: the user has 15 days to pick up the order, otherwise the package will return automatically to the sende, and we will refund the order to the user, except transport costs incurred in the delivery and return process. This cost will not be returned to the customer. The cost of returning the package to the sender is the same as the delivery to the user.

4. In the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla you have to pay on receipt an approximate amount of 15 euros as DUA concept for purchases over 22 euros, and local tax; for purchases under 22 euros;  costs for DUA and taxes are about 7 euros.

Delivery costs are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Changes take effect from the time they are published on the help pages, and in the contract published on the web page. In any case, delivery costs are confirmed when you place your order.

These delivery times may be longer at some times of year, such as Christmas, for example. In any case, KONOMIX undertakes to notify users by sending a clear, unambiguous message before the order is paid for.

KONOMIX accepts only limited liability in cases of force majeure (strikes, adverse weather conditions hindering normal land, sea or air transport, ...). In such cases, KONOMIX will deliver the orders as soon as possible and the above delivery times shall not be applicable. 

Our transporters try to deliver 3 times in the address provided by the customer, in timetable from 9 am to 6 pm. It is the responsibility of the customer to be available in the address provided by him to Konomix. In case that we can not deliver to the customer, the transporter will return the package to LEKUE, and Konomix will return the money to the customer, deducting any cost related to returning the products to LEKUE.


6. Order limit


KONOMIX does not permit LEKUE products to be purchased for subsequent resale. Therefore, orders worth more than 1,500 euros (or the equivalent sum in the corresponding currency) or orders for more than 40 euros are not permitted. Customers wishing to make orders for larger sums and quantities for other purposes than for resale may contact LÉKUÉ by writing to info@lekue.es where more information about the different purchase options are available.



7. Guarantee



The guarantee, essential for any product exchanges or returns, is the delivery note received with your order and/or by email. Guarantees are valid for 2 years.


In any case, the guarantee does not cover:
- Wear and tear or other circumstances intrinsic to the normal ageing of the article
- Damage caused by improper use.



8. Returns and exchanges.


If you are not satisfied with the items you have purchased at the LEKUE shop, KONOMIX will allow you to exchange or return them within seven (7) days starting on the date they are received, provided the goods have not been used or damaged. KONOMIX does not accept exchanges or returns of used or damaged items or goods without their original packaging. When we receive the goods in the aforementioned condition, we will reimburse you for the value of the order. Therefore, to enable us to process your return satisfactorily, we request you return the product in perfect condition, unused and in its original packaging, including user instructions and recipes. It is very important that you return the product(s) for exchange or return perfectly packaged. If the products are returned damaged due to insufficient packaging, we will not be able to accept their return.


Products with manufacturing defects or products that do not belong to your order may also be returned to KONOMIX. In such cases, KONOMIX will arrange to have the goods collected and for delivering a correct order.


How to return an item:


- Return to Alfons, XII, 75, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

- Mention the order number you are returning back to LEKUE


When we receive the goods at our warehouses and have checked that the goods comply with all the above conditions, KONOMIX will process the product return and will reimburse you for the amount (less the delivery costs incurred) according to the method of payment used, and a new product will be dispatched to you if appropriate. If you pay by credit card you will receive your credit card account will be credited. If you do not pay by credit card we will ask you for an account number in which to pay the refund.


You will receive your refund within 30 days from the date on which we receive the goods at our warehouses. Please note that if you paid by credit card it is unlikely that your bank will show the sum returned in your balance until the following month.


You are hereby informed that KONOMIX will not reimburse delivery costs, and therefore you will be responsible for these unless the items were sent have manufacturing defects or the wrong items were included in the order, in which case delivery costs will be paid by KONOMIX.



9. Protection of Data of a Personal Nature.


Pursuant to Statutory Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on Protection of Data of a Personal Nature your personal information will be stored in a computer file containing data of a personal nature, created and maintained by KONOMIX. The information provided by the USER may be used by KONOMIX and/or transferred to LÚKUÉ exclusively.


The purpose of this file is to make it possible to process orders, and if you have given your express agreement by marking the corresponding box, we will also send you marketing messages by email or post about new products, special offers and new products and projects with this web page and/or LEKUE in general; and notifications about the shopping cart.


Customers of KONOMIX may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose by sending an email to info.lekue@konomix.com or by post to KONOMIX, S.L., Villarroel, 19, 08011 BARCELONA at any time.


Likewise, KONOMIX customers may also always exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by email or in writing info@lekue.es Lékué, SL, C / Barcelona 16, 08 120 La Llagosta BARCELONA.



10. Cookies.


KONOMIX uses cookies with the sole aim of offering a more personalised service and making it easier for you to navigate through the pages, adjusted to user preferences. A cookie is a small text file that the server embeds on the user's computer hard drive. Cookies cannot identify a person because they do not make reference to any data of a personal nature and cannot be run as a code or contain a virus.


Cookies help us, for example, to save user settings (language and country from which you browsing) so there is no need to enter the details again when you visit again. You will also be able to manage your shopping basket and store the information about your order while you browse our pages. If you want you can turn off cookies through your browser options.



11. Miscellaneous.


KONIMIX hereby undertakes not to use this media for distributing misleading advertising. For these purposes, misleading advertising does not include formal defects or numeric errors in the content of the various sections of the on-line shop produced as a consequence of incomplete maintenance and/or updating of the information contained in these sections. KONOMIX, pursuant to the content of this paragraph, undertakes to correct any errors as soon as it becomes aware of them.


Users must be of legal age to enter into transactions in the on-line store. Contracts entered into with minors must be authorised by their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who are deemed responsible for the contracts entered into with the minors for whom they are responsible. Minors are responsible for obtaining the necessary consent to enter into the contract.



12. Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction.


These sale conditions are subject to Spanish law and therefore sales transactions will be deemed to take place at the registered address of KONOMIX.


For the purpose of resolving any disputes arising from this contract or legal act, the parties may petition the Catalonian Arbitration Board of Consumer Affairs, which will be commissioned to designate the arbiter or arbiters and the arbitration administration. Should the dispute not be resolved by the abovementioned systems, the parties will be bound by the decisions of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, renouncing any other legal systems applicable to them. In cases of disputes with end consumers residing in Spain, the Courts of justice shall be those of the consumer


Likewise, as a company that is a member of CONFIANZA ONLINE and according to the terms of its Code of Ethics, in the case of disputes relating to on-line contracting and advertising, data protection, protection of minors and accessibility, the user may use the CONFIANZA ONLINE out-of-court dispute resolution system.



These General Contractual Conditions were updated on 26st July 2013.