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Fake quinoa risotto with mushrooms and vegetables


250 ml water of vegetable stock. 100 g quinoa. 1/2 small spring onion. 20 g approx. red pepper. 25 g approx. courgette. 50 g mixed tinned mushrooms. 5 g butter


Cut the vegetables into small dices. Pour 200 ml of water, the quinoa and the vegetables in the Vapour Cook. Close it and put in the microwave oven. Cook at medium power (350W) for 10 minutes. Open the Cook and add another 50 ml of water. Cook for 5 more minutes at 350W. Open and mix the fake risotto with 5 g butter. You can serve it directly in the Cook and eat out of it.

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Fake quinoa risotto with mushrooms and vegetables
Eli González Arroyo
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